Top Guidance Tips for CLINICAL RESEARCH Freshers

Amaan Ansari


This content is copied from Amaan Ansari’s LinkedIn posts. Please read the post carefully as Amaan gave some light to a particular topic.

Many Life Sciences graduates/postgraduates also Pharm graduates/post graduates especially freshers are looking for opportunities in #clinicaldatamanagement and #pharmacovigilance etc. For entering these fields many individuals are additionally pursuing PG Diploma in CDM and PV and investing thousands of rupees in it.

The question here is, are these certificates compulsory to enter these fields?
The answer is “No”.

If you are pursuing it’s good but it’s not compulsory for entering PV or CDM.

As a fresher you just need to:
1) Be thorough with your educational background.
2) Develop communication skills.
3) Gain basic knowledge of CDM and PV through Slide Share ppt, Google ppts. etc.
4) Prepare a good CV
5)Approach people working in PV and CDM for professional guidance.

Remember one or the other day you will be selected. If you are rejected anywhere there is always a better opportunity waiting for you. The majority of Pharmacy and Life Sciences freshers are confused about how to start their careers.

How to start your career

Below are some important points:

  • Choose the domain/Field in which you want to make your career (eg PV, CDM, Regulatory, QA, Marketing, etc).
  • Look for the organizations providing a good career path in the field you have chosen.
  • Apply for suitable job roles in the organization that you have chosen, Either by directly applying on the company portal/ through employees working in the organization.
  • Connect with individuals working in your desired organization, Request their guidance and reference.
  • The most important thing is to prepare yourself thoroughly for the interview by referring following, Basic knowledge of the domain,
    Good educational background
    Good communication skills
    Good Aptitude
    Basic knowledge of the organization

If a person is posting any job opportunities from his/her organization it is always as a helping hand. A person will post whatever official email he gets from his organization let it be for freshers/ experience. He can’t post anything from his end. Also if you are eligible for the particular job role the most he/she can do is Refer you and guide you, that’s it what we can do. Getting interview calls and getting selected is not in our hands.

I know as a fresher it’s not easy to get a chance. But have faith in yourself and prepare yourself and be the best, hopefully, One day you will get your dream job. So keep learning and Helping each other.

I try to reply to every person who DMs me, sometimes due to an overload of DMs there might be a delay in reply, but I assure you that I reply. Please note this is a generic scenario. It may vary from person to person.vI applied for many jobs but no response!! There is always a common question among freshers that we are applying for many job opportunities for the last 5/6 months but we are not getting any calls.

Below may be some of the reasons.

  • Applying for nonrelevant experience posts. (eg. The opening is for a Senior position eg 4+ yrs’ experience and we are applying for the same).
  • Applying for a nonrelevant experience post. (eg. The position is for Master’s and Bachelor’s degrees).
  • Improper Resume and Lack of Information in resume.
  • Incorrect email ids and contact numbers mentioned on cv (eg. spelling errors in email id numerical errors in number.

Please remember there will always be a position that suits your profile, you have to just look for it, read the job eligibility and job description properly, and apply for it.

Job openings on the company portal

The below topic is regarding applications for job openings on the company portal. Below are some key points:

  • Always read the qualification criteria mentioned in the Job description, if you do not fit it please don’t apply.
  • Always read the experience criteria mentioned in the Job description.
  • Always read the Designation and Domain for which the job is.
  • Do not apply for irrelevant positions ( If you apply for an irrelevant position, you won’t be able to apply when there is a relevant open position).
  • Do not apply for multiple positions in a single organization.

Email Writing

There is a common question among #freshers that we are emailing #cvs to many people but then to we are not getting any calls.

Below are some reasons:

  • Email without a subject line.
  • Email without email body.
  • Email without CV attached.
  • Email with improper CV( Incorrect format, orientation, spelling errors etc).

Please note that A Proper email with a good #subjectline#body#cv is always appreciable.

Telephonic/Virtual Interview

Below the topic is a Telephonic Round of Interviews with #hr Many of us are waiting for getting calls from #recruiters, the question here is are we ready for it. Below are some key points regarding HR interview calls:

  • Receive calls in official hours 9-7 pm (do not miss it).
  • For suppose if you have missed a call, give a callback. ( If the person doesn’t receive a call, drop a text with your name and request the person for a call back).
  • Greet the person( Good morning, after, evening, etc).
  • Speak in English (Avoid talking in Hindi or any regional language).
  • Avoid Background noise (Choose a quiet space).
  • Avoid network issues (Choose a place with good connectivity).
  • Be Loud, Clear, and Concise during the conversation.
  • Be confident while speaking.
  • If HR gives you a particular date and time for the interview accept it. ( Do not say that I will not be available, can we take it the next day etc).
  • If HR gives you choices for the interview date pick up the first date from the list.
  • Greet the person, thank him/ her for their time, and Greet them for a Good Day!

Hopefully the above would help all.

Interview in CDM

Below are some basic topics that you need to be prepared for if you are looking to make your career in #clinicaldatamanagement.

  1. Self Introduction
  2. All Content Mentioned on your CV
  3. Clinical Trials(In detail) All 4 phases thoroughly.
  4. ADR
  5. Types of ADR
  6. AE and its types
  7. Difference between ADR and AE
  9. Basic Info of Different Regulatory Bodies Mainly
    -US FDA
    -UK MHRA
    -TGA etc
  10. CDM-Definition, Importance, Scope, Phases in CDM( Most important).
  11. ICH-GCP in detail
  12. ICH-GCP E6 R2
  13. Basic info of different Stakeholders involved in Clinical Trial-eg Sponsor, Investigator, Monitor etc
  14. Why there is a Need for Clinical trial…
  15. History behind clinical trials-Thalidomide Disaster, Declaration of Helsinki, Nazi Trials, etc.
  16. Pre-clinical Trials basic info.
  17. Post Marketting or Pharmacovigilance basic info.
  18. Stages of Drug Discovery and Development
  19. MedDRA WHO DD Dictionaries
  20. Bioavailability
  21. Bioequivalence

# Finally and Most Important
-Basic Info of Organization you are looking for.

-Establishment year

-Number of Employees

-CEO of Organization etc.

-Mision and Vision of the Organization.

Why do you want to work in Our Organization.
-Why should we hire you.
-Where do you see yourself after 5 years.
-What are your career goals.

All other basic Aptitude questions.

Guidance to check the authenticity of job posts on LinkedIn

Are all Job Openings posted for freshers Correct or its Fake? Always remember to review a person’s profile before commenting on his/her post or sending him/ her a connection request. Nowadays it’s been observed that people working in a particular organization are posting Job openings of some other organizations and posting just that ” DM me or Inbox me for details”.

Think twice if a person is not in that Organisation He/ She can’t give you details and can’t refer you to that organisation. Such kinds of posts are just for making connections and misguiding people.

But! If a person is posting some other organization’s openings and giving you a link to apply which is directing you to that organization’s page then no issues in such cases.

Interview in PV

This topic is #interview in #pharmacovigilance#pv

Below are some basic topics that you need to be prepared if you are looking to make your career in #pharmacovigilance#pv

Technical Round(Face-to-Face)

Most Important Pharmacology in detail (Basic Info of All Classes of Drugs, MOA, Classification etc)

  • 1.) Self Introduction
    2.) Content Mentioned on your CV
    3.)Clinical Trials(In detail) All 4 phases thoroughly.
    4.) Definition of pharmacovigilance and PV basic Information.
    5.)What is an Adverse Drug Event (ADE)
    6.)What do you mean by causality?
    7.)When do you consider an event to be serious?
    8.)what if ADR and types of ADR
    9.)AE and its types
    10.)Difference between ADR and AE
    12.)Basic Info of Different Regulatory Bodies, Mainly US FDA, ICH, CDSCO, UK MHRATGA etc, EMEA, MHLW
    13)ICH-GCP in detail
    14)ICH-GCP E6 R2
    15)Basic info of different Stake holders involved in Clinical Trial-eg Sponsor, Investigator, Monitor etc
    16)Why there is Need of Clinical trial…
    17)History behind clinical trials-Thalidomide Disaster, Decleration of Helsinki, Nazi’s Trials etc.
  • 18) Pre-clinical Trials basic info.
  • 19)Post Marketting or Pharmacovigilance basic info.
    20)Stages of Drug Discovery and Development
  • 21)MedRA WHO DD Dictionary
  • 22)Basic info on Current COVID Vaccine Trials.

The Basic Info of the Organization you are looking for.

  • -Establishment year
  • -Number of Employees
  • -CEO of Organization etc.
  • -Mision and Vision of the Organization.
  • -Why do you want to work in Our Organization.
    -Why should we hire you.
    -Where do you see yourself after 5 years.
    -What are your career goals.

All other basic Aptitude questions.

Which domain has a Good Career for Pharmacy or Life Science graduates post graduates?

There are many questions in the minds of freshers regarding their Careers.

Q1) Which field has better growth?

Answer- Growth always depends on personal skills, knowledge, and quality of work. It is independent of the Field. You should always be the best in your field.

Q2)Which field has a better package?

Answer- The package depends on many factors. It also depends on Personal skills, Domain related experience, and knowledge. All domain has equal package offer.

Q3) Which field has less workload etc.?

Answer- There is workload everywhere and No workload anywhere. It’s totally dependent on the individual to balance and handle it. It is independent of any domain or company.

Q4) Which field is more interesting?

Answer- Choose a field in which you are good and whatever is your passion. Working in a domain in that you are interested in will make you grow and excel in your career.

Thank you all for the support until now.

Stay Safe and Keep Supporting!

Always remember, apply less prepare more. Have faith in yourself. Be confident about your strengths and work on your weaknesses and develop yourself.



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