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A well-written resume or CV significantly impacts your job hunt. Although I’m not a resume review expert, I guide freshers and professionals based on my experience in clinical research and understanding of recruiters’ requirements. My analysis covers skills, introduction, grammar, powerful language format, target domains (CRC, CRA, CDM, PV, MW, or BIO-STATISTICS), recruiter requirements, summary content, proofreading, ATS system, and additional tips.

I am in contact with over 500 freshers from life sciences, B.Pharm, B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Pharm, and Pharm D backgrounds. During discussions, questions about resume preparation and job applications frequently arise. To address these questions en masse, I decided to write this article, hoping it adds value to your career.

Here, I’ve listed steps to create an impressive fresher resume: The sooner you begin, the better for landing your first job.

Tip 1: Select a Suitable Resume Type Choose a resume type relevant to your situation. There are various formats, such as chronological, functional, and combination resumes. Chronological resumes are suitable for candidates with extensive experience, listing recent work at the top. However, freshers should focus on skills rather than experience, making the functional resume a better choice. Online templates can help you build a winning resume.

Tip 2: Write an Impressive Headline Your resume’s headline should summarize your career objectives and academics in two or three lines. A concise, professional headline makes you stand out. Incorporate keywords from the job description to make it appealing and relevant.

Sample fresher resume headline: “Keen on understanding and quickly learning study protocols and concepts. Knowledgeable in the basics of clinical research and designs. Capable of collaborating with senior members to meet timelines.

Tip 3: Ensure Readability Use legible fonts like Calibri, Arial, or Times New Roman at a size that is neither too small nor too big (ideally size 12) for your fresher resume. Use bullet points for key information to make it stand out.

Tip 4: Add Relevant Keywords Optimize your resume with job-related keywords for easy scanning by Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS). Read job descriptions carefully to identify appropriate keywords.

Tip 5: Highlight Key Projects and Achievements For freshers, highlighting academic achievements, projects, and extracurricular activities is crucial. Include internships, awards, and volunteer activities to add value to your CV.

Tip 6: Proofread Your Resume Imagine a recruiter’s reaction to a CV with grammatical or typographical errors. It’s vital to proofread your resume to avoid giving a bad impression.

Create an error-free resume with Firstnaukri’s free Resume Maker Tool, designed for freshers. Remember, recruiters call for interviews based on your resume.

A CV should include:

  • Contact information
  • Academic history
  • Professional experience
  • Qualifications and skills
  • Awards and honors
  • Publications and presentations
  • Grants and scholarships
  • Licenses and certifications
  • Skills

Remember to tailor your CV to the job application. If you’re unsure about the target domain, prepare separate CVs for each.

Research Experience (CRC) Skills, CTA Skills, CRA Skills, Clinical Data Management, Biostatistics, and Pharmacovigilance Skills are detailed.

Job Application Process:

  1. Job portal
  2. Company website

Write a compelling email when sharing your CV with HR. Here are two email templates for job applications.

Email to HR Job Application Email Template 1

Subject: Name of Applicant – Name of Position, Job Reference Number

Dear Mr./Ms. Last Name,

I came across a very _______ position on your job portal that I believe fits me perfectly. I am interested in applying for the position of _________(Job Reference Number 123) at _____________. After reading the job description and requirements and matching it with my own knowledge, I know that I would be a valuable asset to your organization. I recently graduated with a Bachelor of ___________from the University of_____. I now want to apply my skills in a multinational company like _____ (Company). As a ______(profile name), I can implement knowledge in clinical research domain. I have attached a cover letter, resume, and certificates for your consideration.

Please take a moment to go through them to get a better picture of who I am. I would love to talk to you in more detail regarding this amazing opportunity at your company.

It would give me great pleasure to hear back from you regarding my application.


Your Name Your


Your Phone Number

Your Email Address

Job Application Email Template 2

Subject: Your Name– Job Title, Job Reference Number (mentioned in Job Description)

Dear Mr./Ms. Hiring Manager’s,

Name I am writing to apply for a recent job opening advertised on your website for the position of ‘___________. The position and responsibilities seem exciting and matching to my interest areas and career goals. I would like to bring your attention to my key strengths for the job role: ## Bachelor of ______ ## Strong command in _________(Skills) ## Interest and knowledge of ______ For more information, I have attached my cover letter and resume for your consideration.

Thank you for your valuable time. I am always reachable on my email and phone number.


Your Name

Contact Number

Email Address


Invest time in preparing a potent CV rather than applying randomly to numerous jobs. Below are some resume websites for assistance:

For further guidance or queries, connect with me on LinkedIn.

All the best!

Content: Shahenaz Karadesai

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Ahmed Pinjari
Ahmed Pinjari
1 month ago

That was amazing information for newbies like us,thanks for your precious tips and best of luck for your career!

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