Guidance for Entry Level Connections

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Guidance for Entry Level Connections

Dear Entry Level Connections, consider this as guidance or suggestion for entry-level connections.

After reviewing CVs/Resume and one-to-one conversations with entry-level candidates, Sharing my insights for applying at Entry-level jobs in clinical trials.

1. CV should be in a proper format.

Try not to use an academic CV template. Refer to my article for the CV preparation.

It is recommended to prepare a CV on the free websites instead of word copy.

2. Resume file name –

This is the first thing that distinguishes your CV from others. Rename your CV with the proper name, for example, “Shahenaz_Karadesai_Resume.pdf or ShahenazKaradesai_Resume.pdf”.

3. Not getting calls for interviews?

CV content and skills – Recruiter does not know you personally, CV/Resume is the only thing which can land you for interview. Invest your time in CV preparation especially content and skills. (If your CV content is inlining with the CTA position and you have applied for the PV position then rejection of CV is higher)

4. For clinical trial jobs, Bachelor’s – Master’s degree in Pharma/Life Science, Pharm D, or BDS is a minimum criterion.

Basic knowledge of clinical trials is expected during entry-level interviews. Browse to GOOGLE for free courses to improve your knowledge. Join the webinars to gain knowledge. It is recommended not to just do courses for the certificates but for the knowledge.

5. Refer to GCP modules, GSR 227 for basic understanding.

You can get a free certificate from

6. Dropping LinkedIn messages to industry people and being ignored? –

Are you commencing a conversation with “Hi sir, how are you?”. I would suggest stopping it because many people open their LinkedIn once a day or once a month! They are not free to have a long conversation. It is recommended to draft a 5-6 sentence message in your phone notes first then send it to an industry expert person or recruiter.

7. Still no response from an industry person?

How about a new strategy and wide up the window of your msg? If you are sending a message to 1-2 people, start sending a message to 15-50 people (that’s how you wide the window). Out of 50, at least 10 would reply. Out of 10, 2 would help you. (I have suggested this strategy to many freshers and it really helped). Because we don’t know who is the right helper.

At last, the job search is difficult. Do not lose hope. Every day comes with a new beginning. Keep applying. If you want me to review your CV, share it via message.

Please feel free to comment. I would be happy to respond to your queries or concerns.

Shahenaz Karadesai.

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