What is ALCOA and ALCOA+

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ALCOA+ The term Alcoa is an Acronym, which stands for Attributable, Legible, Contemporaneous, Original and Accurate. Alcoa was then expanded to Alcoa Plus (Alcoa +), by the addition of a few more concepts which are; Complete, Consistent, Enduring and Available Attributable — Who recorded the data or performed an action and when Legible —  Records are readable and permanent…

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Tips for perfecting your email writing

Email Etiquettes

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When you enter into an organisation especially during the initial period of your career, you might have found it difficult to write an email to a manager or seniors. Imagine how frustrating it is often to an email recipient when the message he or she is reading contains numerous errors or grammatical errors? Learn proper email etiquette before you send your next email and make sure that you get your message across effectively.

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New ICH E6 R3 Guidelines overview

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Introduction E6: Good clinical practice (GCP), established in 1996 Describes all stakeholders' roles and expectations in Action in clinical trials.GCP includes aspects of clinical monitoring, reporting, and archiving Trials Addenda for important documentation and brochures for investigators E6 (R2) -Completed in 2016 Addendum to promote improved and greater implementation of Effective…

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